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2012 Mavs Summer: Like Sitting In A Dentist's Chair

by Ryan Wilson on July 6, 2012 in Mavs 09 comments



Ever had a good trip to the dentist? Did you wake up and say, “Yes, I have a dentist appointment today.”?

Well, I woke up this morning to the pleasure of knowing that was exactly what I had in store. Except, I thought I could channel this horrible hour into analyzing what all has happened to the Mavericks and all of us in Mavs Nation over the last  week.

Deron Williams: Mavericks or Nets? Answer: Nets – New stadium, new team, very boring logo. Hard to pass that up.

Steve Nash: Raptors? Knicks? Mavericks? Answer: Lakers – Complete and utter shock.

Jason Kidd: Mavericks? Knicks? Answer:Mavericks…ooops, Knicks now – The straw that broke the camels back.

Where do we go from here? Mavs Nation is in a state of panic, but after sitting through this dentist’s visit, I’ve come to the realization. As hard as it may be to hear, we shouldn’t panic and start signing players left and right. The worst thing Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson could do is panic and start signing B Level players at A Level money. You’ve seen teams do this before. The results are nothing good. Joe Johnson signing in Atlanta was a horrible contract. You know it’s a bad contract when you trade a player like Joe Johnson to another team, and then celebrate right after.

Jeremy Lin: He is a B Level player that is going to be signed at A Level money. What has he proven? He had an amazing 2 week stretch, that came out of NOWHERE, and then was lost for the rest of the season with an injury.

Goran Dragic:4 years, $34million? Does that seem right? You want the Mavericks to go spend money on a guy that “has upside”?

The bottom line here is that the Mavericks did what they said they were going to do: Try To Reel In A Big Fish. The problem is the bait wasn’t high quality enough. I’ll be honest. I was one of the many Mavs fans that were crucifying Mavericks management on what was going on. However, once I took a seat in that dentist’s chair, reality started to sink in. So Dirk Nowitzki gets another year older. The Mavericks will really struggle this year. Lottery? Probably. In the big scheme of things, is it really such a bad thing? We at Mavs Nation have gotten so used to winning that we forgot what, and who got us here.

We were the laughing stock of the NBA for many years, and a guy by the name of Mark Cuban came a knockin. Mark Cuban is a business man. He knows how to crunch the numbers and get a good quality product in return. He feels that a lot of teams right now don’t fully understand the major impact the new CBA can have on a team long term. Shouldn’t we trust him? He asked us to trust him before. The result was an NBA Championship. Why not trust him again?

I encourage all of Mavs Nation to take a step back for a second. Don’t be so quick to think the worst. It may be a rough year ahead, but there aren’t many teams that have the type of organization/city/fans that the Dallas Mavericks have. If you need to understand more, sit down and relax. Just do it somewhere less painful than a dentist’s chair.

As always, GO MAVS!!!!!

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The Summer That Wasn't

by Ryan Wilson on July 5, 2012 in Mavs 09 comments

It’s the summer of 2011; all is good in Mavs land.  The pending Tyson Chandler free agency is far from our minds.  We’re happy and Mark Cuban is the greatest owner in sports.

Fast Forward up to Christmas Day, 2011; Tyson Chandler, Barrea, Caron, and Deshawn are gone. Rangers lose World Series, Cowboys on their way to missing the Playoffs.  But it’s OK; we’re NBA World Champs right?

December 26, 2011 (post Miami Heat opening night smack down):  Now we’re in trouble.

Fast forward to current day Mavs.

We all know by now that Cuban and company decided to roll the dice for the Summer of 2012.  Not only did we lose that gamble, but the dice rolled off the table and into a trash can, that was then sent to a trash compactor, which was ultimately dumped into a land fill only to be burned.  In other words, this offseason went from hopeful to a disaster.  Starting on July 3, 2012 when Deron Williams decided to stay inBrooklyn, we’ve seen every key free agent sign elsewhere.

But why?

Is it because Mark Cuban is side tracked by Shark Tank?  Is it that Dallas as a city is not as appealing to free agents like we thought it was?  Is it the fact that we haven’t put stronger roster pieces in place to entice free agents?  Are we strapped for cash?  Is the NBA heading down a slippery slope by allowing these free agent signings and teams to blow through salary?  Are players looking for the easy paths to title town?  Has the media perception of the big market teams ruined the game permanently?  Who created the question mark?  The Snuggies fad ended quickly right? When did I learn to type this fast? Ok…….snap out of it.

There’s so many unanswered questions that we may not ever have answered.  Unless Cuban was to sit down and address the fans, which is unlikely.  In the eyes of ownership, I’m sure there’s justification for the lack of moves.  But to the fans, it’s blowing our minds.

If this is indeed the end of a Mavs era, does Dirk Nowitzki deserve to go out like this?  As a matter of fact, he resigned with the Mavs 2 years ago for LESS money just to make sure this team had the flexibility to stay aggressive in player movement.  It’s been quite the opposite since our title.

Another side of me thinks that we should be thankful for our title run in 2011 and all the magic that happened that year.  But it almost tarnishes that trophy if our team drops into obscurity and is not to be heard from for another 4-5 years.  As I tweeted a few nights ago, this era should’ve ended when Dirks career was over, not when our management decided it was over.

I’m still much too confused to think of a clever conclusion to this article.  All I know is that we (Mavs fans) expected so much more.  If its time for our Mavericks to roll over and die then it would’ve been nice to at least have a warning.  The hardest part is that we were expecting the best, and have received nothing.




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The JET Takes Off To Boston

by Ryan Wilson on July 5, 2012 in Mavs 09 comments

Free-agent guard Jason Terry has a verbal agreement on a three-year contract with the Boston Celtics, sources close to the situation confirmed Tuesday. Terry’s offer from the Celtics is believed to be for the full mid-level exception of $5 million annually.

Sources familiar with the Dallas Mavericks‘ thinking told that the team, coveting financial flexibility, is unlikely to match the Celtics’ offer to Terry.

Terry won’t be able to sign until July 11.

Terry spent the past eight seasons with Dallas, having replaced Steve Nash in 2004. He won the Sixth Man of the Year Award in 2009 and had a phenomenal playoff run in 2011, helping the Mavs win the franchise’s only NBA championship.

A second source said that Terry’s decision to move forward on a deal with Boston was made with no knowledge of Deron Williams‘ plans to either stay with the Brooklyn Nets or join the Mavs. On Tuesday night, Williams announced he’d stay with the Nets, agreeing to a five-year, $98 million deal, according to sources.

Terry, who will turn 35 before the start of next season, averaged 15.1 points and 3.6 assists last season and shot 37.8 percent from 3-point range. Fourth on the NBA’s all-time list for 3-pointers made, Terry is a 38 percent 3-point shooter for his career and has averaged 16.1 points per game.

Terry planned to give the Mavericks, the team he’s played for the past eight seasons and won a championship with in 2011, a chance to match. But those hopes have seemed to evaporate.

Mavs president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, moments after Williams broke the news that he will re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets, all but bid Terry farewell.

“What Jet did for this city and franchise will never be forgotten,” Nelson said. “He’s one of the greatest clutch performers in the history of our game and even a better person. We wish him nothing but the very best.”

The Celtics continue to be interested in keeping free-agent sharpshooter Ray Allen, who will visit the NBA champion Miami Heat on Thursday and the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, league sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard. Allen is one of Miami’s top offseason free-agent targets.

Jeff Caplan

Jeff Caplan joined in December 2009. Jeff covers the Mavericks, Rangers and colleges. He has a wealth of experience in the area, covering multiple beats in his 11-plus years with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Marc Stein | email

Senior Writer,

Senior NBA writer for
Began covering the NBA in 1993-94
Has also covered soccer, tennis and the Olympics

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D-Day Has Arrived

by Ryan Wilson on July 2, 2012 in Mavs 09 comments

The Dallas Mavericks will get the first face-to-face sitdown this afternoon with Deron Williams, this summer’s marquee free agent, according to sources familiar with Williams’ plans.

The incumbent Brooklyn Nets are then scheduled to meet with Williams on tonight to recap a pitch they’ve been making to their All-Star guard for weeks.

The Nets can offer Williams a five-year deal worth nearly $100 million. The Mavericks can only counter with a four-year deal in the $75 million range but will try to sell Williams on the appeal of not only playing for his hometown team but teaming with the proven championship combo of star forward Dirk Nowitzki and coach Rick Carlisle.

Sources close to the situation told that Nowitzki — who has maintained a friendship with Williams over the past few seasons — and Mavs owner Mark Cuban have been making their recruiting pitches to Williams by phone since free agency began Sunday at 12:01 a.m.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant also tried to do his part to help recruit Williams on Sunday night, taking to Twitter to help lure the free agent guard back to his hometown.

 “@DeronWilliams Dallas fans are waiting on your arrival,” he wrote.

With Nowitzki traveling abroad this week and Cuban in Los Angeles working on his “Shark Tank” television show, sources say that Dallas will be represented in Monday’s sitdown with Williams by president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, coach Rick Carlisle and former Mavericks franchise player Michael Finley, who is making the trip in an unofficial ambassadorial role.

In reality, though, Dallas’ lead recruiter in the quest to sign Williams is Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd, who has spent the bulk of the week in close proximity to Williams in the Hamptons on a golf vacation.

ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard reported Sunday that Williams remains “torn” by the difficult decision, but the 28-year-old remains on course to choose his destination by Independence Day so he can report to Team USA training camp in Las Vegas on July 5.

The Nets’ meeting with Williams will follow a morning sitdown with free agent point guard Steve Nash, according to sources close to the process.

The Nets have interest in Nash both as a prime replacement for Williams should they lose Williams to Dallas but also as a potential backcourt mate for Williams.

Marc Stein | email

Senior Writer,

Senior NBA writer for
Began covering the NBA in 1993-94
Has also covered soccer, tennis and the Olympics

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C.J. Miles Wine and Dined

by Ryan Wilson on July 2, 2012 in Mavs 09 comments

Either C.J. Miles and Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle just happened to bump into one another at a New York sushi joint or Miles’ hometown team has an interest in bringing the free agent back to Dallas.

The Utah Jazz shooting guard who starred at Dallas Skyline High School tweeted Sunday night that he and Carlisle were having dinner together:

“Great dinner and meeting in NYC at Atlantic Grill w/ Coach Carlisle … Sushi is amazing get the Sweet and Spicy roll!!

Miles followed that up with a second tweet:

“Can most definitely see why players like and play well for him ..”

Miles, a former teammates of Deron Williams‘ with the Jazz, has long expressed a desire to play for his hometown team, something the Mavs certainly hope Williams will choose to do after Carlisle, president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson and special consultant Michael Finley meet with the All-Star point guard Monday in New York.

However, if Williams opts to play for the Mavs, that could end their pursuit of the lanky, 6-foot-6 Miles because of limited cap space, said a source close to the situation. It’s certainly not impossible depending on other roster maneuverings, including a possible sign-and-trade.

Miles, who has spent all seven of his seasons with the Jazz after entering to the NBA straight from high school in 2005, has interest from several other teams.

He averaged 9.1 points, 2.1 rebounds and 1.2 assists last season, playing 20.4 minutes a game, his low of the previous four seasons. He averaged a career-high 12.8 points in 2010-11. He’s never been a terrific 3-point shooter, with a career percentage of 32.9 percent.

Still, at just 25 years old, Miles could provide Dallas with a young, athletic wing.

It’s just might be difficult to pair up with his former teammate.

Jeff Caplan

Jeff Caplan joined in December 2009. Jeff covers the Mavericks, Rangers and colleges. He has a wealth of experience in the area, covering multiple beats in his 11-plus years with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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