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Dirk’s Act Of Humility, Generosity And Loyalty

by Michael Lark on July 15, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


While the big story around the NBA this offseason has been centered on the “Chosen One” deciding to “come home,” a more humble story was developing for the player who never left.

12-time NBA-All Star Dirk Nowitzki officially signed off on a $25 million deal to remain with the Dallas Mavericks for the next three seasons. Following the last year of a 4-year, $80 million contract, Dirk made it clear that he intended to come back to the Mavs on a discounted price in order to allow the team to go out and get other big time free agents.

The Mavs courted LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony in free agency, but ultimately took a free agent gamble and successfully landed restricted free agent Chandler Parsons, after trading for defensive stalwart, Tyson Chandler. Put those Chandlers Bings together and you have a team ready to compete for another championship.

The best 7-footer to ever play the game began his career with Dallas in 1998 as a skinny, awkward kid out of Wurzburg, Germany with uncertain expectations.

In his first season, he led the Mavericks to a mediocre 40-42 seasons and missed the NBA playoffs after averaging 17.5 points and 6.5 rebounds. He continued to improve every season and successfully led the Mavs to their first-ever NBA Finals trip in 2006, before ultimately losing to the Miami Heat, 4-2.

The bitter end to the season didn’t have Dirk looking for the exit, and he didn’t need to collude with other free agents in order to win an empty championship, in a random town of bandwagon fans.

He instead chose to believe in his city and his owner. In Dirk’s eyes, if he was winning a championship, it was happening in Dallas.

In 2007, Dirk won the league’s Most Valuable Player awards after averaging of 24.6 points, 8.9 rebounds and 3.4 assists, while leading the his team to a franchise record 67 wins – but fell short of an NBA championship yet again.

Finally in 2011, Dirk hoisted the Larry O’Brien Trophy in a parade in front of his town with the same fans that were there with him from the beginning.

In 16 seasons, Dirk has never had an NBA agent. He’s made over $200 million in his career and reportedly left max offers in the $60 million range from the Los Angeles Lakers and the Houston Rockets to remain with the only franchise he’s even known.

When the free agency period began at midnight on July 1, the Mavs never questioned his desire to compete for another NBA championship in Dallas. Dirk realizes the landscape of the NBA. He desires winning over money. Loyalty over royalty.

Dirk Nowitzki is Dallas Mavericks basketball and when he’s ready to retire, Mavs fans will remember this sacrifice that he took, because the one-legged fadeaway statue in front the American Airlines Center won’t have one ring on it. It will have two.

Photo credit - AP Photo/LM Otero

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Chandler Parsons, The Wait Is Over

by Greg Higgins on July 14, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


Each year around this time, the NBA goes into a frenzy as marquee players are offered contracts by teams from all over. Every year, a group of elite players are wined and dined in hopes that they will wind up in their city.

Because there are only a few of these superstar players each year, usually it’s the next group of guys that make the difference. This next group of players don’t quite fit the “max contract” mold like the superstars but they are good enough to fill a role on a team.

This is where the Dallas Mavericks come into play. Every year, the Mavs take a shot at one of the big-named free agents on the market. Every year, these free agents flirt with the idea of making Dallas their home and yet ever year the Mavs wind up empty handed (unless it’s bringing back one of their own like Dirk Nowtizki.)

Even though there were talks with Carmelo Anthony, most Mavs fans knew he wasn’t going to sign with Dallas. There was too much money to be had with the New York Knicks. LeBron James was a good thought as well but we all knew that wasn’t happening. Instead of being left high and dry, though, Mark Cuban went on the offensive.

The Houston Rockets were in advanced talks with Chris Bosh and had offered him a max contract. Sources said Bosh was considering this move so Cuban went after Rockets’ small forward Chandler Parsons. Parsons, a restricted free agent, was offered a three year contract worth around $46 million. Being a restricted free agent, though, meant Houston could match the offer sheet the Mavs had in place.

As the waiting game ensued, reports came out that if Houston could land Bosh, they would match the offer made by the Mavericks. Luckily LeBron left the Miami Heat and signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This caused the Heat to keep Bosh and the Rockets allowed Chandler to walk away and become a Maverick.

This was a move that almost all Mavs fans wanted to happen during this offseason. As great a defender as Shawn Marion was, the Mavs needed to get younger at the small forward poition. Chandler allows this to happen.

Chandler (25) will be replacing the 36 year old Marion. Parsons, in only his third NBA season averaged 16.6 points per game. He also had 5.5 rebounds, 4 assists and 1.2 steals in 74 games with the Rockets. Compare those numbers to Marions (10.4 points, 6.5 rebounds, 1.6 assists, and 1.2 steals) and you can instantly see an improvement in the small forward position.

Last season the Mavericks won 49 games with Dirk, Marion and Samuel Dalembert in the front court. How many more can they win this season with Dirk, Parsons and Tyson Chandler? I don’t know the exact number but I can’t wait for the season to start so we can find out.

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Chandler Parsons Signs Mavericks’ Offer Sheet

by MavsFanatic on July 9, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


The Dallas Mavericks are done waiting.

Carmelo Anthony didn’t happen and LeBron James appear ready to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Enter Chandler Parsons.

All along it appeared Dallas favored the 25-year-old Houston Rockets restricted free agent. Parsons is 25, 6’10″ and a talented wing on the cusp of entering his prime.

Parsons inked and sent his three-year, $45+ million offer sheet to Houston early this morning.

Houston will have 72 hours to decide whether they will match the offer.

Ironically it was Parsons who played a major role in recruiting Dwight Howard to the Rockets last summer, but now could be the man squeezed out if Houston picks up a free agent like Chris Bosh.

The move will likely take up most, if not all of, Dallas’ remaining cap room. This would leave the exception to possibly use on Vince Carter, but also means the Mavericks likely will not see Shawn Marion back next season.

It’s a bold move by Mark Cuban and the Mavericks, calling the Rockets’ bluff and truly putting their in-state rival in the pressure cooker. Houston has plenty of obstacles and steps to figure out before deciding whether or not to match.

According to Basketball Insiders’ writer Tommy Beer, Chandler Parsons was one of only three players to average 16 points, five rebounds and four assists while also shooting over 47 percent from the floor. LeBron James and Kevin Durant were the others.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 7.58.19 AM

Plenty of reason to be excited if your a Mavericks fan. Of course it’s now the waiting process.

Mark Cuban and Parsons take a photo here by Parsons’ mother (Credit: ) who joined in the big moment in her son’s life.

Houston to Dallas…may it be!


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Devin Deal: Mavericks Keep Harris with 3-Year Agreement

by MavsFanatic on July 5, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


Devin Harris always considered Dallas his NBA home.

He’ll be calling it that for the foreseeable future as he and the Dallas Mavericks close in a new three-year pact.

The Mavericks were in need for point guard security with the recent trade which sent last year starter Jose Calderon to the New York Knicks. Raymond Felton and Gal Mekel are the other two point guards on Dallas’ roster.

Harris returned to the Mavericks last year after being traded away from the organization in 2008 for Jason Kidd. After stints with New Jersey, Utah and Atlanta he found his way back to Big D.

Originally agreeing to a 3-year $9 million contract last summer, a toe injury and surgery forced the Mavs to void his deal. It led Harris to delaying his return before eventually signing a one year contract at the veteran minimum.

The extra money allowed the Mavericks to strike a value signing in Monta Ellis who chose less money in Dallas to win than a 3-year $36 million extension in Milwaukee.

Harris played in 40 regular season games averaging 7.9 points and 4.5 assists. He also played an important role off the bench in Dallas’ playoffs series against San Antonio.

Fantastic keep by the Mavs.




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Carmelo Anthony Meeting With Mavericks Set

by MavsFanatic on June 29, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


Free agency is on the horizon and ready to launch come 12:01 a.m. ET Tuesday morning.

Carmelo Anthony holds the throne as the market’s top realistic option to change cities. LeBron James could surprise people by leaving South Beach, but odds are he stays put.

Anthony has at least set dates for meetings with his Top 3 choices outside New York this week.

On opening day of the frenzy, Anthony will first fly out to Chicago and meet with the Bulls on Tuesday. Many believe teaming up with Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and playing for the stout defensive club led by head coach Tom Thibodeau in a weaker Eastern Conference serves Anthony his best destination.

Anthony will then knock out two birds with one stone in Texas, meeting both the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday.

Per ESPN, sources say Anthony is likely to visit the Rockets first on Wednesday morning, followed by the Mavericks in the afternoon.

This is Dallas’ third plate appearance in as many summers. Strikes get old, it’s time to make contact and smack one out of the park.

We need a homerun!

Anthony is expected to meet with the Los Angeles Lakers the following week.

New York remains the lone team able to offer Anthony the most money and an extra year, but the sincere visits suggest winning might be the greater priority.

It will be hard for Chicago, Houston or Dallas to offer Anthony his full max deal, which would be four years and nearly $96 million.

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Carmelo Anthony: Free Agent Scouting Report

by Damian Jackson on June 28, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


Strike One. Strike Two. Strike Thr

Let’s hold off on Strike Three for a moment and delve into Carmelo Anthony, the Dallas Mavericks’ most realistic ‘Big Fish’ option this time around. (LeBron isn’t happening)

The Mavericks half-heartedly whiffed on Deron Williams in 2012, followed by watching Dwight Howard pick neighbor Houston last summer.

Dallas enters this shopping season with ample cap space while also coming off an impressive season and playoffs in which they took eventual champions San Antonio to a complete seven-game first round series.

Already in good spirits, the Mavericks’ bolstered their roster by reacquiring defensive center and beloved 2011 champion Tyson Chandler in a six player trade with New York on Wednesday.

Take a closer look at what he brings to any squad in this loaded Free Agent Scouting video put together by Mike Schmitz of

It’s important to take this information and analyze how Anthony’s strengths can be enhanced while also seeing his weaknesses reduced in the right situation.

We used the comparison of Mavs guard Monta Ellis and his adjustment to the Dallas system under head coach Rick Carlisle and playing alongside Dirk Nowitzki.

While Anthony is an even better talent than Ellis, this basic concept exists. Carlisle rests comfortably among the elite active coaches in this league. Carlisle does his best with veterans, pros, guys who relish the desire for ultimate success. Can Carmelo show he’s that dude?

The health uncertainty in Chicago paired with somewhat stripping away parts to make room for Anthony, leaves them with the hope Derrick Rose stays healthy and Joakim Noah recovering from a knee injury himself.

In the Eastern Conference your odds to make it to the NBA Finals are better, but winning always comes down to the best team. Indiana didn’t even get the chance and Miami got served a wealthy plate of whoop-ass from the Spurs.

If Anthony’s choices came down to Houston and Dallas, I look at it this way. Both would become better and closer to legit championship contender.

The difference for me is what Anthony said in his interview with VICE in which he said this free agency decisions depends largely on the family aspect just as much as the basketball side.

“The average person just sees opportunity to say that, ‘Oh, Melo should go here, Melo should go there. I think he should do this, I think he should do that.’ But they don’t take into consideration the family aspect of it. Your livelihood. Where you’re going to be living at.”

Dallas’ core of Dirk, Monta and Tyson share something in common that has nothing to do with basketball. They’re married, they have kids, they are family men.

I’m only pinging off Anthony’s comments about the importance of taking his family into consideration, not saying I have inside knowledge of any family members.

The Mavericks are a well-structured organization that focuses on the ultimate goal – WINNING.

Ellis wants to win. Dirk and Tyson want to win, again.



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Free Agent Forecast: Centers

by Marc Cashion on June 27, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


The center position in the NBA has now become one of the hardest positions to come by.  A good healthy, lane closing center will very rarely just be picked up in free agency.

Unfortunately for the Mavs, as witnessed this past year, that is exactly what we need to play alongside Dirk. While there are opportunities for trade acquisitions, such as Omar Asik (Traded to New Orleans) or a Tyson Chandler (Traded to Dallas), only the free agents will be examined.

1. Chris Bosh | Heat (Early Termination Option)

16.2 PTS 6.6 REB

A Dirk/Bosh combination would not be ideal, but as far as the best basketball player in this free agent crop, Chris Bosh is the best center that could potentially be available.

While underutilized in Miami he could go back to his Toronto dominating days if he was on a team that ran an offense based off of ball movement. No center in the NBA can be a big factor with the amount of isolations the Miami Heat run.

He isn’t the defensive force the Mavs need but a Bosh/Monta Ellis pick and roll would be absolutely deadly.

2. Marcin Gortat | Wizards (Unrestricted)

13.2 PTS 9.5 REB

Gortat will surely be highly coveted player this offseason by just about every team with enough cap space. He is versatile, quick, and has a high offensive IQ. He also showed during the playoffs that he can patrol the paint and be a good defender.

Gortat averaged 1.5 blocks per game last season even with virtually another center playing alongside him in Nene. Gortat alongside Dirk would be a great fit as Gortat primarily plays inside the paint giving Dirk plenty of room to operate. He also is a smart passer making a potent Dallas offense even more intimidating.

UPDATE: Tyson Chandler trade takes Dallas out of potential chase for Gortat, whom the Mavericks like but understood a bidding war price might get too high.

3. Greg Monroe | Pistons (Restricted)

15.2 PTS 9.3 REB

At only 24-years-old, most teams in the NBA would love to give the young center a huge contract.  With not enough room in Detroit for Monroe and Andre Drummond, I anticipate Monroe being available.

Monroe has not proven to be able to be the guy that can dominate on the defensive end, however, he has not been given much of an opportunity since his teammate, Drummond, is one of the best shot blockers in the league.

While his chemistry with Dirk would need some work I’m always in for having a chance at an up and coming center like Monroe.

4. Pau Gasol | Lakers (Unrestricted)

17.4 PTS 9.7 REB

Pau Gasol as our starting center would be a huge upgrade. The 7 footer has proven to be able to patrol the paint on defense and is an outstanding rebounder. Gasol and Calderon are good friends from the Spanish national team so he can be our best recruiting tool.

He is a smart player and doesn’t need much coaching, he could immediately help this team greatly and would be an awesome piece for Dirks last years in the NBA.

Gasol appears much less likely with Chandler back and Calderon out the door.

5. Spencer Hawes | Cavaliers (Unrestricted)

13.2 PTS 8.3 REB

If we strike out on the top four in this list or can’t find someone to trade for the next best option is Dalembert/Spencer Hawes at center.

Hawes does not play a ton of defense, but at 7’1” Hawes is a viable option. The thing working for his favor is he has never played for a contender or with the true professionals that he would if he were in Dallas.

Hawes has shown flashes of brilliance the last few years and with the right teammates and coaching could turn into a threat down low that wouldn’t come at the price as the other centers on this list before him.

6. Andray Blatche | Nets (Unrestricted)

11.2 PTS 5.3 REB

Blatche is an under the radar center that could be a potential target for the Dallas Mavericks. At 260 pounds Blatche is a big body that could share time with Samuel Dalembert.

Although his character has been an issue, we have seen in the past there is hardly a better team that can control attitudes than the Mavs and Rick Carlisle.

As I have said before the center position is really a difficult position to obtain, while numbers 7-10 on this list may make you cringe, as far as free agents go they are our next best option.

7. Andrew Bynum | Pacers (Unrestricted) 

8.7 PTS 5.6 REB

Ever since Bynum took a cheap shot to J.J. Barea in the 2011 playoffs his career has spiraled.

Only playing 26 games last season injuries and character have taken the once superstar potential center into a nobody.

Rumors and scandals plagued his stay in Cleveland, then he went to the Pacers where he made virtually no positive impact. The only way the Mavs sign Bynum is through a cheap contract and an evaluation to see if he can still play.

8. Emeka Okafor | Suns (Unrestricted)

Did Not Play in 2013-2014

Another injury plagued center, Emeka Okafor missed the entire 2013-2014 season and has really diminished as a player. Much like Bynum the only chance we have to sign Okafor would be a thorough evaluation to see if he still has something left in the tank.

9. Chris Andersen | Heat (Unrestricted)

6.6 PTS 5.3 REB

Certainly not a starter by any means the “Birdman” would only be a Mavs player coming off the bench, something the Mavs really don’t need. He shows flashes of being a solid center and comes off the bench with plenty of energy.

10. Jermaine O’Neal | Warriors (Unrestricted)

7.9 PTS 5.5 REB

Hard to believe the 35 year old is still playing in the NBA considering how many injuries the once star for the Pacers has gone through.

O’Neal absolutely shocked the NBA showing he still had room in the tank last season getting some pretty serious minutes after Andrew Bogut went down with injuries, which is something Bogut is known to do.

Another rotation player, O’Neal could help with depth at the Center postion for the Mavs, but again, the Mavs really need a starter.


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Mavs Fanatic Six Pack: Tyson Back In Big D: Good Move?

by MavsFanatic on June 26, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


A rumor that started a little over a month ago turned into a reality much faster than any Mavs Fanatic could have imagined. Tyson Chandler is back in Dallas, and we can only hope that he can fill the void many believed was missing following the historic 2011 championship run.

We gathered all of the Mavs Fanatic contributors to get their thoughts on this move. Here is what they had to say:

Ryan Wilson 

Good opening move by Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson, but there must be more to follow in order to make a true impact. The Mavericks did give up one of the top three point specialists in the NBA in Jose Calderon, and both of their draft picks, along with a few other players. However, they are filling two huge needs before Free Agency even begins: A defensive presence in the paint, and attitude. Tyson Chandler provides both, and the Mavericks didn’t even have to give up Brandan Wright in the process.

Sure, they gave up both of their draft picks, but the Mavericks have never really prided themselves on the NBA Draft anyways. It’s also important to note that the Mavericks could still find a way to get back into the 1st Round of this deep draft class.

If the Mavericks are able to land Carmelo Anthony, because of his respect for Tyson Chandler in New York, great! If not, the Mavericks need to add two solid players to go along with Nowitzki, Chandler, and Ellis.

The addition of Felton is questionable at best. Losing Calderon leaves no point guard on the roster at the moment, because Devin Harris is a free agent at the moment. Even if the Mavericks re-sign Harris, as expected, I’m still not sure he is a starting point guard in this league.

It’s too early to tell. One thing is for sure, the Mavericks came out guns blazin’ and have gotten this “arms race” started far earlier than expected.

Damian Jackson 

The trade works for me, easily.

TysonIf anything really stung it was the short-term idea of losing our starting point guard Jose Calderon and the 34th pick in the draft.

Dallas is in win-now mode and this trade exemplifies such. We landed the best player in the deal.

The most iffy part about the whole trade was taking back Raymond Felton, but financially made out well by shedding Calderon’s contract which runs through 2017.

Parting with Shane Larkin, a waste of a draft pick,  and Wayne Ellington was not and shouldn’t be tough. Neither guy was making an impact on this team going forward.

Sam Dalembert had a roller coaster season and did well in stretches. DeJuan Blair was the Mavericks best center in the playoffs against the Spurs, a series in which Dallas struggled to defend the interior.That problem was addressed with Chandler. Chandler also poses a possibly important figure in the Mavericks pitch to Carmelo Anthony whom he was locker pals and most respected Knicks teammate.

Oh, and Dirk’s happy about this trade, so I’m happy that Dirk is thrilled.

Greg Higgins 

Any time I hear the name Tyson Chandler in association with the Dallas Mavericks, I get excited. I mean, let’s face it, he’s one of the main reasons the Mavericks made it to the Finals in 2011. Most Mavericks’ fans don’t understand the legistics as to why Mark Cuban let him go after the championship and they will always ask the question, “What might have been?”

Unfortunately that’s a question that will never be answered. We do, however, have another saga to discuss. Tyson Chandler 2.0 will be in effect this next season. Chandler was traded to the Mavs along with Raymond Felton for Samuel Dalembert, Jose Calderon, Wayne Ellington and Shane Larkin. The Knicks also get two second round picks (34 and 51 overall).

At first I didn’t know how I felt about this trade. I’m a huge Chandler fan and I love the fact that he will be back in a Mavs uniform this next year. However, I was a little worried that the deal involved two point guards in Larkin and Calderon. With Devin Harris not guaranteed back next season, I was a little baffled by getting rid of those players in this deal.

Then I was reminded of something by another writer. I was reminded to trust in Cuban. Sometimes we don’t understand every move but there’s usually always a means to an end. There have been times I didn’t agree with his moves and there have been times my reasoning was proven right. However, more times than not, I’m proven wrong in my reasonings.

I know there’s a long way to go with free agency and we’ve only just begun to see the moves that will be made. I know the Mavs have an idea of where they want to go with this so I’m going to trust them. Because I’ve decided to do this, the Chandler deal makes me extremely happy.

Michael Lark 

I love the deal. The Mavs get back the player that was the defensive anchor to the only championship this franchise has ever known and a fan favorite that brings a number of intangibles to the table, including leadership and energy that the Mavs have been severely lacking since he left.  Sure, it sucks to lose Calderon, who finished 5th in the NBA in 3-point field goal percentage (44.9%) but most importantly I think it’s a great trade because as free agency kicks off in a matter of days, the Mavs are armed with a core of Monta, Dirk and now Chandler that they can bring to the discussion table as they attempt to lure the “big fish.”

Dwight-Howard-Deron-Williams-Future-MavericksClearly, Mark Cuban and the Mavs front office have learned from their unsuccessful attempts to sign Deron Williams and Dwight Howard the past couple of off-seasons. Williams was quoted as saying the Brooklyn Nets trade for Joe Johnson just hours before he re-signed, significantly influenced his decision to re-up with the Nets.

This time around the Mavs are ahead of the curve, having decided to not rely solely on cap space to lure free agents, but to upgrade their roster via trade in the process. Worried about those draft picks? Quick, name me a 2nd round prospect you believe can immediately and significantly help this team become a top 5 contender? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

This team is and will always be in win now mode as long as Dirk Nowitzki is in a Mavs uniform so, you can forget about getting younger and developing players for now.  Let’s retool and get another championship with Dirk.  Who knows? Maybe the Kings will buyout the last year of Jason Terry’s contract and we’ll resign him for the minimum and defend that 2011 title, three years later.  The possibilities are endless. It’s a win for the Mavs.

Terence Huie

I might be the only MFFL who doesn’t agree with this trade. For the most part, I feel that the Knicks-Mavs trade could have been negotiated better so that Cuban would not lose all the assets.

Losing Jose Calderon puts the team at a huge disadvantage right now. The team loses a guy who is in the top 10 category for three-point percentage. After dropping Darren Collison and picking up Calderon last summer, the Mavs jumped from 12th to 4th in team offensive efficiency. Not to mention, the backup guard Devin Harris is currently a free agent. Right now, Raymond Felton is the only point guard on the team now. This isn’t a good feeling considering Felton coming off a struggling year.

It’s good that Tyson Chandler is back in a Mavericks jersey. BUT, Chandler is 31 years old with injuries that are affecting his play on the court. Chandler only played 55 games last year, compared to Dalembert who played 80 games. If the Mavs want to content for a title, Chandler has to stay healthy. Point blank, period.

Marc Cashion 

The biggest complaint that I have seen over this giant Tyson Chandler trade has been the loss of Jose Calderon.  The best way to look at the results of this trade is to look at the depth of each position.  According to ESPN’s Real plus or minus stats the 25th best point guard is Jrue Holiday, who actually is a really good point guard in the NBA. The 25th best center is Pero Antic, who I honestly have absolutely zero knowledge of.  The point being point guards are replaceable, Damian in his top 10 PG free agent article has Isaiah Thomas as his 7th best point guard.  While my top 10 Center article, that will be out Friday, has (SPOILER ALERT) Jermaine O’Neal.  Thomas is a starter in this league while Jermaine O’Neal is not.  Point being, a good solid Center is much more difficult to come by than a point guard.

After those that are angry about losing a good point guard have died down, you have to look at the big picture.  We now have a great core of players that are just begging for a superstar to catapult us to a championship caliber team.  The addition of Melo, for example, would give us Monta Ellis, a rim protecting center in Chandler, and one of the greatest power forwards of all time Dirk Nowitzki.  Breaking down the trade piece by piece looking at last year’s results: Wayne Ellington was a no factor, Shane Larkin was a no factor, Samuel Dalembert sometimes didn’t even want to play, and Jose Calderon was great on offense but had no defense.  This team will never have an issue scoring so adding a high caliber defensive center is a dream scenario.

The main thing to realize is this front office is not even close to through, Mavs fan’s need to hang tight and be excited about this teams future.


Photo Credits: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images



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Free Agent Forecast: Power Forwards

by Michael Lark on June 26, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


First, let’s be clear Dirk Nowitzki will re-sign with the Mavs. There’s no doubt about it.

The only question that remains is, for how much.

With that in mind, this list is built on who would be the best available backups after we sign Dirk. In the unfortunate event we don’t resign Dirk and the world for the Mavericks collapses then… wait, never mind. Trust me, 100% that just will not happen. Here are the top 10 free agent options at power forward.

1. Dirk Nowitzki | Mavericks (Unrestricted)

21.7 PTS 2.7 AST 6.2 REB

He is the Dallas Mavericks. Conventional wisdom and early rumors say Dirk will sign in the $8-10 million range, leaving room for the Mavs to sign another big time free agent possibly Carmelo Anthony who will reportedly opt out.

After that, the Mavs will focus on signing a solid back up who won’t take up too much money on the salary cap, while providing the Mavs a player who can give Dirk ample rest during the regular season.

2. DeJuan Blair | Mavericks (Unrestricted)

6.4 PTS 0.9 AST 4.7 REB

He’s a familiar name with a familiar foe in the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs proved once again they are the team to beat in the West and Blair provides the Mavericks with the best option at the backup power forward position because of his energy, his ability to play at the 4 and 5 and most importantly, his desire to get revenge against his former NBA team, the San Antonio Spurs.

3. Boris Diaw | Spurs (Unrestricted)

9.1 PTS 2.8 AST 4.1 REB

At 6’8”, 250 pounds Diaw is now a world champion. He’s a veteran of 10 years in the league, but at 32 years old the Frenchman would be the perfect complement to Dirk.  He’s a great rebounder and passer at 3.7 assists per game in his career with a high basketball IQ, who can play almost any position and knock down the three ball with consistency.

4. Jordan Hill | Lakers (Unrestricted)

9.7 PTS 0.8 AST 7.4 REB

After 4 years in the league, Hill has been a mixed bag of results. He’s a former lottery pick (No. 8 in 2009) who has finally showed some promise after playing the past couple of seasons with consistent minutes with the LA Lakers. He has a huge NBA body at 6’10”, 235 pounds and is probably a more natural fit at the center position, but lacks low post moves. He could be a great fit for the Mavs long term at only 27 years old, but after making $3.5 million last year his price tag may be too high.

5. Josh McRoberts | Hornets (Unrestricted)

8.5 PTS 4.3 AST 4.8 REB

He’s a supremely athletic big man, who’s only 27.  In 6 years in the league, McRoberts has bounced around the NBA. He can give the Mavs valuable energy off the bench, respectable rebounding and defense, but has little to offer in terms of offensive skill.

6. Glen Davis | Clippers (Unrestricted)

9.4 PTS 1.1 AST 5.2 REB

“Big Baby” is a skilled big man who can consistently knock down mid-range jumpers.  He’s athletic for his size and weight, but has struggled recently with his conditioning at 6’9”, 289 pounds.

Davis is young, but has struggled to stay healthy the past few seasons.  He was bought out of his contract mid-season from the Orlando Magic before joining the LA Clippers.   There have also been rumors he lacks a desire to work hard.

7. Drew Gooden | Wizards (Unrestricted) 

8.3 PTS 0.7 AST 5.2 REB

Gooden has played for 10 NBA teams in his 12 year career and played with the Mavs back in 2009-10 before being traded to the Washington Wizards.

In his short, 46 game stint with the Mavs he became a fan favorite for his positive attitude and high energy. Still at 32, the former Jayhawk can re-up with the Mavs for cheap and provide excellent hustle, rebounding and a decent low-post scoring while backing up Dirk.


8. Al Harrington | Wizards (Unrestricted)

6.6 PTS 0.8 AST 2.4 REB

Now 34, Harrington and the Mavs had mutual interest back in 2010 before he ultimately signed with the Denver Nuggets and essentially began the downhill slide of his career after averaging 17.7 points per game the previous year.

At this point in his career, Harrington is nothing more than a role player who can provide below average defense and rebounding, but can consistently hit three pointers (35.2% for his career).

9. Elton Brand | Hawks (Unrestricted)

5.7 PTS 1.2 AST 4.9 REB

After 14 years in the league and an extensive injury history, Brand has little left in the tank.  However, he’s a high character player that is familiar with Rick Carlisle and the Mavs system after playing with them in 2012-13 (7.2 points, 6.0 rebounds, 1.0 assists).

He can also backup the center position, although he’s slightly undersized, but can provide great rebounding and leadership for the veteran’s minimum.

10. Kenyon Martin | Knicks (Unrestricted)

4.3 PTS 0.8 AST 4.2 REB

At 36, “K-Mart” is a strong, athletic big man who plays with a ton of energy and intensity.   The Dallas native lacks a low-post game and relies exclusively on pick and rolls to get his points.

He’s significantly past his prime, but can provide adequate defense in a limited role.  He would likely command only the veteran’s minimum on a one-year deal.


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Free Agent Forecast: Small Forwards

by Terence Huie on June 25, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


Free Agency is quickly approaching and the Mavs’ front office has some crucial decisions to make this summer. Possibly the most important hole in the Mavericks’ roster is at the Small Forward position. 15-year veteran Shawn Marion has reported that he wants to sign with a title-contender in the final years of his career. Also, Vince Carter, coming off an amazing Sixth Man of the Year campaign season is rumored to be gaining strong interest from the Miami Heat.

So here’s a look at the top 10 players at small forward in the Free Agency pool this summer:

1. LeBron James | Heat (Unrestricted)

27.0 PTS 6.4 AST 6.9 REB

The sports media have anxiously waited and now the news has released. Lebron James has decided to opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat. With an embarrassing Finals defeat against the Spurs, the decision to opt out is supposed to fuel the Heat’s front office to bring younger better role players with the two-time NBA champion.

It should be an interesting summer for Lebron; either taking his talents to another team or remaining in South Beach.

LeBron to the Clippers?

2. Carmelo Anthony | Knicks (Unrestricted)

27.4 PTS 3.1 AST 8.1 REB

Carmelo enters this free agency period with more career years behind him than ahead. The obvious intent is that Anthony wants to go to a title-contending team who will offer the most money. If the Mavericks desire the sign Melo, they’ll have to sacrifice giving up $96 million in a max contract.

Anthony will have plenty of suitors lined up on July 1, but time will tell whether he truly wants to win or if money and the allure of a big market keeps him in New York.

3. Chandler Parsons | Rockets (Restricted)

16.6 PTS 4.0 AST 5.5 REB

The Rockets declined the fourth year of Chandler Parsons’ rookie deal, freeing up $964,750 in the salary cap. Parsons is clearly one of the best underrated players in this league. Chandler ranked top ten amongst Small Forwards in points, field goal percentage, assists, and minutes played.

After a great season, Parsons might be considering requesting to teams a max contract for his services. Teams could very well take advantage of the Rockets’ situation as they aim for the marquee names and be forced to see Parsons slip away.

4. Luol Deng | Cavaliers (Unrestricted)

16.0 PTS 2.7 AST 5.7 REB

Cleveland will likely select Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins, both small forwards, with its #1 overall pick in the upcoming draft. It looks as if the Cavs will not make an effort to re-sign the small forward from Sudan.

Despite Deng’s several injuries, he’d improve the Mavs on both ends of the court. Deng’s tenure with the Bulls before being traded this year might have been the best offensive stretch of his career, averaging 19 points a game while shooting 45% from the field.

Are the Mavericks a perfect match?

5. Trevor Ariza | Wizards (Unrestricted)

14.4 PTS 2.5 AST 6.2 REB

Trevor Ariza enters the summer having just played statistically his best season of his career. He shot a decent 40% from behind the three-point line, which is third-best amongst small forwards in the regular season.

The 6’8” swingman has very good defensive skills around the perimeter. Ariza’s defensive ability is a good option guarding guys like Kevin Durant in Western Conference matchups.

Viable option in Dallas?

6. Gordon Hayward | Jazz (Restricted)

16.2 PTS 5.5 AST 5.1 REB

You have to wonder the reason as to why the Utah Jazz so desperately wanted to ship Gordon Hayward off during the regular season. Hayward averaged career highs in points, assists, and rebounds. Playing at a high level and just 24-years-old, Hayward would be a nice fit for the Mavericks in position of signing him to a long-term deal.

Only this won’t be easy, the Jazz have plenty of room to match any kind of lousy offer for their wingman. Wouldn’t expect the Mavs to get into any type of bidding war for Hayward.

7. Evan Turner | Pacers (Restricted)

14.0 PTS 3.2 AST 5.0 REB

Evan Turner’s free agent stock has undoubtedly dropped after being traded from Philly to Indiana. In his 54 games with Sixers, Turner recorded a monster 17.4 PPG, 6 RPG and 3.2 APG. His PPG number dropped over 10 points after the Sixers/Pacers trade in late February coming off the bench.

Looks like Turner might not re-sign with the Pacers with Indy’s President Larry Bird making Lance Stephenson his offseason priority.

8. Caron Butler | Thunder (Unrestricted)

10.5 PTS 1.5 AST 4.1 REB

Remember Caron? Yes, The former Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Champion is a free agent.

At 34 years old, Caron is probably looking to sign with a title contender to get another ring before he hangs it up. Caron shows he can still produce offensively averaging 10 points 25+ minutes coming off the bench. OKC is considering Butler’s age and possibly wont re-sign him.

9. Paul Pierce | Nets (Unrestricted)

13.5 PTS 2.4 AST 4.6 REB

“The Truth” as we fans like to call him, probably has one of two years left of good basketball before his career is over.

He isn’t the best choice to replace Shawn Marion in the starting lineup, but could be a vital asset coming off the bench. A guy like Pierce is valuable being that he is arguably a top 20 clutch performer in NBA history. We must not forget his game-winning block against the Raptors in Game 7 in the first round.

Kevin Garnett and Pierce returning to Brooklyn?

10. Danny Granger | Clippers (Unrestricted)

8.2 PTS 1.0 AST 3.2 REB

Danny Granger was once before an elite performer in this league before injuries plagued the growth of his career. The ’09 NBA All-Star selection is only 31 years-old looking to not let his career go down the drain.

Maybe a new change of scenery can help Granger become the all-star selection that he once was. But in reality he’s more a shell of his former self, a nice bench role suits the former New Mexico star.


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