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Trade Deadline: Mavs Player Value – Jose Calderon

by Albert Luna on February 17, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


The week of the trade deadline has arrived, and we will continue our look at each Mavericks player and their value on the trade market with other teams. Be sure to check back every day as we count down towards the trade deadline.


CalderonJose Calderon

What’s the market value of this savvy, veteran shooting point guard who’s on the wrong side of 30?




32 years, 5 months

Season Stats:

11.6 PPG – 4.8 APG – 2.3 RPG


His best days are behind him but you could plug him in to any system in the league and he would contribute; could be a great bench presence for a Championship contender.


Trade Value:


Signed to a four-year, $29 million contract. Calderon will be paid $6,791,570 in 2013-14. There is neither a player nor team option in his deal. The Mavs likely outbid the market on Calderon, but they needed a pure point guard in the worst way based on how last season played out at the position (Darren Collison, Mike James among others.). Calderon, who led the league in 3-point percentage (46.1) last season, is shooting a slightly less yet still impressive clip of 44.5% (good for 6th in the league this season). This gives Calderon significant value for the Mavs as a floor-spacer to help create room for scoring threats (such as Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis) to work.  Although having a low assist average this year (4.8), Calderon is having one of his better campaigns efficiency-wise, having a career low in turnovers (1.2) (which is the best clip among starting point guards in the entire league). Calderon rarely threads the needle and looks to make the simple pass more often than not which is a main reason the Spaniard has been able to guide the Mavs to 6th in the league in assists. The Mavs consider the ability to get the ball in the right spot at the right time a critical element that they lacked last season, which contributed mightily to their crunch-time woes.  The numbers might not be there, but Jose has brought the culture. Defensively however is an entirely different matter, as Calderon and Ellis (as expected) have formed one of the worst starting defensive backcourts in the league. Calderon simply doesn’t have the lateral footwork to keep up with some of the quicker guards in the conference (such as Lillard, Westbrook and Curry).  Devin Harris off the bench does provide some solid defensive presence on the exterior but as long as Calderon and Ellis are together, they’ll continue to be elite offensively, but a liability on the other end.

There is a concern based on the fact that all four years of Calderon’s deal are guaranteed. Age may be a problem as Calderon will be 35 in the final year of his deal, but he still has the ability to facilitate on offense and shoot the lights out.

If Calderon can stay healthy, he could play a similar role to that of Jason Kidd in his later Dallas days. If Calderon does show signs of decline, (which there is no evidence to point to as of now) the Mavs will likely have to go other directions with the starting point spot. This is likely the only way the Mavs would be willing to shop Calderon, presently however it’s highly unlikely the Mavs would be willing to deal a point guard that fits so well in their system. Calderon also would have a hard time yielding any trade value as he’s 32 and on a long term deal, eliminating contending playoff and championship teams as potential suitors. Calderon realistically probably will never be an attractive trade value again, unless of course he maintains his level of play for 4 more years and the Mavs were to deal him on his then-expiring contract. That is all speculation at this point since the Mavs will have a completely different landscape to their team by then.

Although it seems as if the Calderon signing was a bad deal that locked the Mavs hands for 4 years on a 32 point guard, it is actually turning out as a fair bargain given his intangibles and fit in Coach Carlisle’s system. Trade value wise, he has little to no value but that could work as an advantage for the Mavs as it gives them 4 years of stability, planning, and hopefully winning.


Days until trade deadline: 3 days

Stay tuned!

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Game Night: Mavs Head To L.A. To Take On Clippers

by Terence Huie on January 15, 2014 in Mavs 09 comments


The Dallas Mavericks’ (23-16) three-game winning streak is on the line tonight traveling to Staples Center to take on the Los Angeles Clippers (26-13).

The Game At Hand

The Mavs have been on a roll lately, winning five of their last six games. Of those six games, the Mavs held their opponent under 100 points all of the five wins. Dallas in their previous game dominated for a 107-88 win against the Orlando Magic, led by Monta Ellis’ 21 points.

The Clippers are currently first in a tough Pacific Division. The Clippers are also on a three-game winning streak and won seven of their last eight games. Clippers guard Chris Paul is still out with a shoulder injury for six week. That’s no concern for the Los Angeles, as former Mavs point guard Darren Collison has made a huge impact. In the five-game stretch of Chris Paul’s injury, Collison has averaged 17.5 points per game and 6.5 assists. He’s also shooting 65.8% from the field and 60% from behind the arch.

Shawn Marion expects to play in tonight’s game after missing four games due to a bruised right shoulder.

Keys To The Game

1. Mavs’ Frontcourt Aggressiveness

Just two weeks ago, the Mavs lost to the Clippers 119-112. It wasn’t because of Chris Paul, the Clippers front court dominated. Both Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan combined for 50 points and 33 rebounds. Jordan’s 25 points was his career high. The Mavs have to be aggressive in defending the Clips’ starting frontcourt. Dirk Nowitzki could be beneficial in drawing fouls against Blake Griffin to get him in foul trouble as well. It is important to not like these two big men get in a rhythm.

2. Perimeter Shooting

The Mavs have averaged shooting a phenomenal 53% from behind the three-point during their three-game winning streak. Just last game, the Mavs were 13 for 27 (48%) behind the arch, which is huge for this team. Coach Doc Rivers has a defensive philosophy of not letting opponents penetrate to the basket. Dallas are a team full of streaky shooters, that should be used to their advantage in using the ball movement to get guys open looks.

When and Where

Tip-off starts at 9:30 CST and the game is shown on Fox Sports Southwest.


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MF Free Agency Tracker: Ellis to Mavs; Harris Out

by MavsFanatic on July 12, 2013 in Mavs 09 comments


Monta Ellis appears to be the newest member of the revamped Dallas Mavericks backcourt. Ellis joins Jose Calderon, Devin Harris, Wayne Ellington, Gal Mekel, Shane Larkin and Ricky Ledo in a more than crowded fresh crop of guards.

UPDATE: Mavs and Devin Harris mutually shelve the 3-yr $9 million contract. The news on Harris reportedly quickly led to Dallas’ agreement with Monta Ellis. Ellis’ other options were Sacramento, Atlanta and Charlotte.


Former Mavs guards Darren Collison and O.J. Mayo feel like a distant memory. Collison is officially a Los Angeles Clipper now and Mayo remains on course to land with the Milwaukee Bucks on a three-year deal worth $24 million.

The deal for Ellis, a 27-year-old scoring guard, appears to land in the three-year $25-$30 million range. Originally reports said the Mavs and Bucks could orchestrate a sign-and-trade deal to send Ellis AND Samuel Dalembert to Dallas, but with the Harris deal off the table Ellis’ signing will be straight up. The extra space will likely be used on a big man.

Ellis’ free agent market cooled after he turned down an extension with the Bucks worth $36 million over three seasons. He went on to fire his longtime agent Jeff Fried and switch to Dan Fegan.

Last season with Milwaukee, Ellis averaged 19 points and 6 assists. The negatives come in the form of Ellis’ inconsistent and ill-advised shooting. Ellis shot 42% from the field and a discouraging 29% from three.

With the new signing of Monta Ellis a few questions have been raised – Why another guard? How good will Ellis be? How will he benefit the Mavs?

Well as you know as a championship team, Mavs ran with three guards, so going small will not be a foreign concept. Now with the addition of Ellis, Mavs are looking just at that with the possible three guard line-up of Calderon, Harris and Ellis.

Now the question of how well will Monta perform, well he now has the help of Dirk Nowitzki who will open the floor and give Ellis plenty of space on the court. Something Ellis hasn’t really had. Also with the help of a true pass-first point guard in Jose Calderon, Ellis will be getting more quality shot opportunities.

In addition Monta’s career point average against the Mavs is 21.6 ppg, which is his highest average against any other Western Conference team. While playing at the American Airlines Center Ellis averaged 21.6 ppg, leading one to believe he really enjoys playing in Dallas.

It is in my honest opinion that adding Monta Ellis is a huge improvement to the already guard-heavy roster. Giving Mavs some depth, and most importantly adding back light to the end of the tunnel.

Expect Ellis’ player efficiency to improve in the Mavericks culture as he teams up with superstar forward Dirk Nowitzki and soaks in the coaching impact of Rick Carlisle.

Check out this video breakdown of Monta Ellis against the Mavs by Rob Mahoney in 2009:

Ellis’ 4th quarter takeover against the Magic:

More on the Monta Ellis acquisition to come, along with details of additional players changing places. Stay tuned!

Follow our newest team member and writer Kaomi Machelle’ on Twitter @TheMavsMistress.

Damian Jackson is a partner at Mavs Fanatic. Follow Damian on Twitter @thedfactor and like our site’s page on Facebook.



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MF Free Agency Tracker: Mavs Have New Backcourt Once Again

by Damian Jackson on July 6, 2013 in Mavs 09 comments


The Dallas Mavericks transitioned from a champion backcourt of Jason Kidd and Jason Terry to Darren Collison (Agreed to 2-year deal w/ Clippers) and O.J. Mayo (Agreed to 3-year deal w/ Bucks) over the past two seasons. This year it appears Dallas will once again have a new-look pair of backcourt mates.

Once Mark Cuban received word his Mavs were out of the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, he made it known on twitter he was ready to move on.

“Time to get back to work. The Mavs are back open for business.”

It didn’t take long for the Mavs as they agreed to terms (4 years/$29M fully guaranteed) with long desired Spanish point guard Jose Calderon. Calderon had his choice between the Sacramento Kings and Dallas, ultimately choosing the Mavs.

Calderon has been a Mavs target for a couple years and he provides the team with a pure, steady veteran PG they sorely lacked since Kidd bolted for New York last summer. Calderon is a cerebral point with experience, strong leadership qualities and is one of the best shooters at his position in the NBA.

Weaknesses for Calderon include his lack of defensive ability and he’ll be 32 years old when the season begins. However, Calderon was brought in because he’s a steady presence to orchestrate a team. His pass-first instinct and prime decision making will be more than welcomed after the Mavs experienced a season plagued with turnovers last year. Calderon’s shooting is an attractive aspect to his game – shot 46.1% from deep last year; 52% w/ Detroit.

In a surprise of sorts despite his evident, well-documented desire for a Dallas return, the Mavericks and Devin Harris agreed to terms on a 3-year deal worth an estimated $9 million.

Harris was at Dirk Nowitzki‘s Heroes baseball charity game days before free agency and expressed interest into a Dallas return, a place he called his home.

Since his first tenure with the Mavs, Harris has transitioned more into a combo guard who can play both guard positions when needed. He’ll provide Dallas with an experienced player in the backcourt. He may even get the opportunity to start of SG for the Mavs as the roster sits, but much can change before the season.

Harris has never been a great shooter and isn’t a natural scorer either. Therefore, the Mavericks must still be in the market for another player who can put the ball in the basket with some consistency.


Harris has always been one of the fan favorites and many were highly disappointed when he was traded in 2008 for an aging Kidd. With the 2011 championship in the books, the Mavs proved the decision right and now will have the prodigal son return – at a solid value too.

Here’s one of my favorite Devin Harris highlight plays in a Mavericks uniform, and if you dislike Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen you’ll enjoy it that much more!

It’s comforting to have two solid NBA veterans in our Mavericks backcourt. Even though they aren’t elite names and superstars, it’s about consistent production you can count on to increase your teams chances of winning night in and night out. Calderon and Harris provide a unique combination or savvy and speed, offense and defense (Harris), experience and leadership.

With four point guards on the roster (Calderon, Harris, Shane Larkin and Gal Mekel), the Dallas focus will need to shift towards centers and scoring. Now that the Dwightmare saga is over, the Mavs are making moves to compete at a higher level this season.

Go Mavs!

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2013 NBA Combine, Draft: Huie’s Five Players to Watch

by Terence Huie on May 16, 2013 in Mavs 09 comments


While the NBA Playoffs continue, the NBA Draft Combine starts today. I’ll say on thing – This is going to be a pretty legit draft class. It may be even better than last year’s class. There are so many guys that I see entering the combine and I am amazed at the names.

I would have to guess that most MFFLs don’t pay much attention to the upcoming draft, mostly due to the fact that the Mavericks have clinched a playoff berth for 12 consecutive years. My, how the tides have turned. Draft picks for Dallas are crucial in helping rebuild this team back to playoff form.

There’s a .6 percent chance that the Mavs will have the first overall pick in the draft. So realistically, Cuban will not get the first guy off the draft board.

So here are some guys I think that will be beneficial to the Mavs while I watch the Combine and leading up to this Draft. The fans might disagree with these guys, but it’s just my personal view. This group could change later as we get closer to the NBA Draft.


Seth Curry – Duke


Yes, Stephen Curry’s little brother from Duke. Of course if you are the son of Dell Curry, you are born with the gift to shoot the lights out of the gym. Seth does just that. The Mavs need a PG with Darren Collison possibly on his way out. Mike James isn’t getting any younger, so he is unable to play big minutes. Seth isn’t known as a floor general seeing that his assist totals were so low during his career at Duke. But he is a physical defender and great for snatching rebounds. Who wouldn’t want a guard who can grab the boards? Seth averaged 17.5 points per game and shot 43% from behind the arc in his senior season. He could bring the shooting consistency that O.J. Mayo lacked during the season. Seth Curry would help bring some life to the offensive side for the Mavs.


rsz_mcwMichael Carter-Williams – Syracuse


“MCW” is what the world of college hoops calls him. Michael Carter-Williams had a breakout year this season compared to his freshman season. This guy is only a sophomore and averaged 11.9 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 7.3 assists during his second year. He isn’t a great long-range shooter, but has an excellent midrange game and is quick when driving to the basket. ‘Cuse is known for running the 2-3 zone thanks to Jim Boehim, which allowed MCW to average 2.8 steals a game. That defensive presence could be beneficial since the Mavs were the fourth-worst in the league for most opponent points allowed this season (averaged about 101.7 points). MCW is also 6’6”, so he could play the 2-guard and maybe forward position. So he could be great when needing to matchup with guys like Kobe, Iggy, or James Harden, etc.


rsz_muhammadShabazz Muhammad – UCLA


Shabazz will most likely be drafted before the Mavs are on the clock for their First Round pick. If for some reason Muhammad is still available, this is one guy Mark Cuban should highly consider. Shabazz is very athletic on the offensive side and can run the floor resulting in easy transition baskets. Shabazz is quick coming off screens, plus his spot-up mid-range jumpers are almost automatic. He brings that explosiveness that most NBA teams need. Muhammed is not that great behind the arc, but he isn’t afraid to take a 3-pointer if he’s wide open.


rsz_plumleeMason Plumlee – Duke


I watched this guy play all four years at Duke and his development during his college career is probably one of the best of all the prospects in the draft. Plumlee is a “NBA-ready” center being that he is 6’11”. I always tell the Twitter world that Mason Plumlee will be one of the best big men in the draft, usually resulting in me getting laughed at each and every time. He averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds his senior season. Plumlee is very physical. He has a ridiculous vertical for a guy at his height. He could easily be good in transition offense with his ability to play above the rim. Plumlee is strong in the paint when it comes to boxing out and grabbing the boards. He could be vital in the Mavs pick and roll game because he has good hands and mobility. People disagree that Mason is soft in the paint. I disagree. He has a great post game, having the ability with the hook shot, which makes him tough to guard. One area he could improve on is his defense in the post, but with his wingspan of 6’10”, that should make up for the lack of post defense. A center is what the Mavs need, and Mason Plumlee can help fill that void.


rsz_kellyRyan Kelly – Duke


I picked Ryan Kelly to get drafted hopefully in the 2nd round to the Mavs. I’m a huge Duke fan, so like Plumlee, I watched Ryan Kelly progress in his career at Duke. I call him “Baby Dirk”, which Mavs fans call me crazy. However, if you watch him, he is a “poor man’s Dirk Nowtizki”. His game is so similar to Dirk’s. No, he doesn’t shoot the trademark fade-away step back jumper like Dirk, but he can shoot. He’s skinny and 6’11”, just like Dirk coming into the draft. Kelly shot above 40% from the 3-point line in his junior and senior season. For a big man, that’s pretty impressive. His defense is lacking, because he lacks athleticism. If he’s on the floor, however, he can help a Mavs offense that was stagnant at times this past year.


This “To-Watch” list could change after the combine and when experts start posting Mock Drafts, but I think one of these guys could help the Mavs get back to being a contender in the NBA.


Go Mavs!

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Go! Caution! Stop! Mavericks Traffic – Who should be Back Next Season?

by MavsFanatic on April 20, 2013 in Mavs 09 comments


What to do with the final 15 Mavs players of the 2012-2013 season?

With a bevy of changes on the horizon in Mavsland, let’s take a glance at the 15 players on the 2012-2013. We’ll take time to discuss who we think who will definitely be back, who should return and those on a thin line.

It’s never simple to determine exactly who will fall into the needs while a whirlwind of changes occur, but we’re going to base this on the season’s production and abilities to best contribute in Dallas going forward.

Below the Mavs are listed by minutes played per game with the exception of listing Dirk Nowitzki ahead of O.J. Mayo.

Green Light – GO Yellow Light – CAUTION Red Light – STOP

The 15 Mavs players to end the season in Dallas:

Dirk Nowitzki – 31.3 MPG (Under contract in 2013-2014)

Ryan Wilson: GO Ladies and Gentlemen, the Pride of the Dallas Mavericks. The Tall Baller From The G. One can only hope that Nowitzki gets some solid talent to surround him for the final stage of his career. After missing 27 games to start the season, and having to get his conditioning in order, he began to show signs of his old self the final few weeks of the season.

Damian Jackson: GO for the greatest Dallas Maverick ever. Dirk said he belongs to the city of Dallas and wants to never put on another NBA jersey. Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson and all Mavs fans share the same feelings. The soon-to-be father is the easiest decision.


O.J. Mayo – 35.5 MPG (Unrestricted Free Agent)

RW: CAUTION the man that everyone has a different opinion on going into next season. Mayo started off his 2012-2013 campaign on a very high note, but fizzled as the season continued. His inconsistent shooting combined with his poor ball-handling skills make him tough to go forward with. However, you forget that Mayo is only 25 years old, and even though that excuse is getting old, he can still be molded into a fine sixth man. A starter he is not, and it’s important the Mavericks know that when negotiating with him.

DJ: CAUTION with the 25-year old shooting guard. His choice to become a free agent made financial sense because he simply wants a longterm deal for security. The Mavs and Mayo appear to want one another going forward, but at what price? I think Mayo at $5M-$6M annually over three of four years is reasonable. Even better would be using Mayo as the sixth man, a role Jason Terry also shifted to and had great success.


Shawn Marion – 30.0 MPG (ETO for 2013-2014)

RW: GO Marion will most likely opt in for his $9.3 million and stay with the Mavs for the 2013-2014 season. The “Matrix” had a very solid year, and his numbers increased across the board from last year. He still remains a solid defender and can still be very effective around the rim.

DJ: GO with the only other mainstay from the champion team besides Dirk. Matrix fully expects to stick with Dallas on his $9.3M. He’s aging, but you wouldn’t notice since he always plays hard and still remains among the league’s best defenders. Only way Marion isn’t a Mav next season is if the MBT utilizes him as part of a high profile blockbuster deal/signing that clearly improves the roster.


Darren Collison – 29.3 MPG (Qualifying offer for 2013-2014)

RW: STOP Collison was brought in to be the Mavs point guard, and one who could possibly be the point guard of the future. After 47 games off inconsistent play, he was summoned to a bench role, where he flourished often. He is a restricted free agent, and after saying he wants to be a starter, it should prove to be the end of a short road in Dallas for DC.

DJ: CAUTION for the speedy Collison depending on the situation. The Mavs front office knows they cannot go into next season with DC as the starting point. Despite his view, Collison excels as a change of pace PG off the bench. If the Mavs can add a quality starter and don’t select a PG in the draft, I think they will try and convince DC to return as a reserve. That may be easier said than done.


Vince Carter – 25.8 MPG (Under contract in 2013-2014)

RW: GO Vinsanity proved to be a major punch off of the bench, and had the Mavericks competed enough to make it to the post-season, could’ve proven to be a candidate for “Sixth Man of The Year”. He shot a higher percentage from the field, and from behind the arc. He is set to make a little over $3 million next season, and should be a solid bet to produce off the bench again next season.

DJ: GO for the former half MAN/half AMAZING. He was outstanding in other ways this year besides his signature high-flying jams. He became a major locker room/veteran presence and shot the 3-ball with his most success since his third NBA season in 2000-2001. VC is set to earn $3.81M next season and he’s one of the league’s top value players based on a production-to-cost ratio (Excluding players on rookie-scale contracts).


Elton Brand – 21.2 MPG (Unrestricted Free Agent)

RW: STOP Brand was brought in on a very small one year deal, and after enduring an injury plagued season, contributed very little. He averaged career lows in points, rebounds, and assists. While that has a large part to do with playing significantly low minutes, he is more likely to join a team where he can finally get a chance at his first championship.

DJ: CAUTION As most guys say, Brand wants back in Dallas. He did add that he prefers strictly backup PF minutes, not center. EB plays with force and would be a great keep if he earned similar or less money than this year ($2.1M). He shouldn’t be a top priority and therefore patience will be important. Once the dust settles, Mavs can see what they have left to offer the former Dukie.


Chris Kaman – 20.7 MPG (Unrestricted Free Agent)

RW: STOP Kaman was brought on to a Mavs franchise who struggled ever having a consistent big scoring option. Kaman was also plagued with a few injuries during the season, but could never really mesh with this ball club. As a result, he lashed out at coaching and upper management a few times, resulting in his worst year in terms of scoring and rebounding.

DJ: STOP for a center I was initially quite happy about signing last summer. Kaman can score, but he doesn’t bring much else on the court. Despite their friendship, their partnership on the floor didn’t flow as well. Dirk needs a rim protector at center for the utmost success of the team. Not sure Kaman wants to take less money to be a reserve center. Therefore I believe he will receive better offers elsewhere and move on. The Mavs won’t stop him.


Mike James – 19.2 MPG (Unrestricted Free Agent)

RW: CAUTION The Mavericks brought in James once Derek Fisher pulled the ol’ Lookly Lue on the Mavericks, leaving them for family issues only to eventually join the rival Oklahoma City Thunder. While James shot pretty well from beyond the arc, he failed to do so overall, shooting only 37% from the field. He has played for 11 teams in his career and most signs point to a 12th here in the near future. I could, however, see the Mavericks keeping him as a player off the bench.

DJ: GO even though this seems crazy. At one point I had been calling Mike James ‘Tenday’ but he’s an ultra competitor, plays with heart and has embraced the Mavs fan base. If James wants to stick around to be the second/third string PG at the vet minimum, I have no issue with it.


Brandan Wright – 18.0 MPG (Unrestricted Free Agent)

RW: GO Brandan Wright had a good year, once Carlisle decided to let the kid play. We might not be able to see much more of him in a Mavericks jersey, as other teams would likely be able to outbid the Mavericks for his services, as the Mavericks try to free up as much cap space as possible. The Mavericks front office has made it very clear they want him to stay, which is an approach I would have to agree with.

DJ: GO without almost any doubt. BWright finally received consistent minutes and his confidence flourished along with his game. He still has some flaws with defensive rotations and covering bigger centers, but he’s more than made up for it offensively and improved rebounding. Wright will command more than the minimum he’s had the past two seasons and the Mavs should pay him fair to watch his prime years develop in Mavs Blue.


Jae Crowder – 17.3 MPG (Under contract in 2013-2014)

RW: GO I like Jae Crowder. I don’t care what everyone says. He’s young, and makes a lot of mistakes, but he’s young. He’s a very physical player and if he can work on his shooting and presence in the open court, Jae could prove to be a very nice piece off the bench.

DJ: GO for the tough Marquette product. Crowder proved to be a solid rotation player most of the season drafted in the second round. He’s guaranteed money next season at a very reasonable price and fits in the Maverick future plans. However, it is possible Jae becomes a sweetener in an offseason trade, but if he avoids that fate he’ll return to the play where he wants to call home – Big D.


Roddy Beaubois – 12.2 MPG (Qualifying offer for 2013-2014)

RW: STOP Poor Roddy. Another up and down year led to him finally putting together some solid games, only to break his hand immediately after. It’s always been an up and down career for Roddy as Maverick, and this seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

DJ: STOP in what should mark the end of Roddy Buckets with the Dallas Mavericks. A guy who showed incredible promise his rookie season never panned out due to several injuries that hindered his progress. The MBT has waited long enough and will likely not bring Roddy B back for a fifth season. For sure…


Bernard James – 9.9 MPG (Non-Guaranteed for 2013-2014)

RW: STOP Bernard actually cracked the starting lineup a few times this year, but seriously, who didn’t? His numbers weren’t anything to take note on, but he did seem to be a presence on the defensive end. He has a non-guaranteed contract for next season, so could be on his way out.

DJ: CAUTION here simply because Sarge and Brandan Wright are redundant. Wright is younger and has an advanced offensive arsenal. Both protect the rim in similar manor. The price isn’t the issue so it’ll come down to fit. James wouldn’t be a bad third string center if the Mavs can acquire a full-time starter for the position. My guess at this point is Sarge returns, there’s no risk.


Anthony Morrow – 4.8 MPG

RW: STOP Morrow was brought in to hopefully give the Mavericks some shooting options off the bench, but never really was given the opportunity. He will now be a free agent, and seeing as there are better options out there in terms of shooting guards, it figures to be a short stay for him.

DJ: GO and light it up A-Mo! Morrow came to Dallas midway in the season, but didn’t crack the rotation behind Mayo, Carter and Crowder. Morrow’s chances of returning may depend on what happens with Mayo. Fans love Morrow and he owns one of the purest jumpers in the league. Will he get an opportunity with the Mavs? He has my vote.


Jared Cunningham – 3.3 MPG (Under contract in 2013-2014)

RW: CAUTION Not really sure what the deal is with J1Flight. His athleticism is off the chart, but he is a work in progress. He still has another year under contract, so hopefully the Mavs can do some work and get him ready to contribute.

DJ: STOP even though he’s on a first round guaranteed deal. I think it’s very likely Cunnington ends up dealt over the summer in some kind of trade. He never really made an impact for the Mavs, spending much time with the D-League affiliate Texas Legends. He’s got the athletic aspect on his side, but development needs to happen, but finding court time with Dallas may not happen.


Josh Akognon – 3.0 MPG (Unrestricted Free Agent)

RW: CAUTION Akognon was on the Mavs for 8 games, and played a total of 9 minutes in 3 games of action. While there could be potential there, he is not under contract. He could come back for a small contract and see what he could become as a Maverick.

DJ: STOP although he’s a cool ass story. Akognon straight killed the Chinese league with a 29.0 point per game average. He did play in three games for the Mavs at the end of the year and scored his first NBA points. That said, Akognon will more than likely find work elsewhere in the association or back overseas.


Now it’s your turn; tell us who you think should be Mavericks next year. Also who you feel it’s time to move on. It’s going to be one of the craziest and most active offseasons for the Dallas Mavericks. Gear up MavsNation!

- Mavs Fanatic Founder & Partner Ryan Wilson, Damian Jackson

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Mavs Game Night: Chris Paul and Clippers in Dallas

by Damian Jackson on March 26, 2013 in Mavs 09 comments


The Dallas Mavericks are playing there way right back into the playoff picture and receiving help along the way.

With the recent win over the Utah Jazz on Sunday night and a Golden State Warriors victory over the Los Angeles Lakers last night, the Mavs position themselves to grab the 8th and final playoff spot.

A difficult road lies ahead and it starts tonight with the Los Angeles Clippers who currently own the 3rd seed, but are in a battle to maintain it with both the Denver Nuggets and Memphis Grizzlies in hot pursuit.

Already winning the first two meetings in Los Angeles, the Clippers have claimed the season series regardless of tonight’s outcome with the Mavs. In the previous game the Clippers won 99-93, led by Chris Paul’s 19 points and 16 assists. Mavs guard Darren Collison scored 22 points with 6 assists.

In March the Clippers are 6-4 after winning the last two. Meanwhile the Mavericks have put together a 9-4 month thus far and look to improve on that number tonight.

Much of the Mavs success of late must be attributed to 37-year-old Mike James. Since James became a starter 11 games ago, Dallas is 8-3. In that stretch James’ averages are 27 minutes, 10.4 points and 4.8 assists.

“(Mike) brings attitude and fearlessness … He’s just very seasoned,” said Vince Carter. “I think he’s done a great job of taking on this role. He brings it in practice. He pushes in practice. He’s really helped our guards. He’s really helped (Darren Collison) with just his focus and approach. They talk a lot and they go at it in practices which is good.”

That fearlessness will come in handy against the NBA’s best point guard tonight. CP3 owns his own fearless attitude and competitive edge so this should be an awesome butting of the heads.

This game will feature two of the top four scoring benches in the league as well as two men very deserving of the Sixth Man of the Year award. Dallas leads the NBA with 41.5 points from its reserves and the Clips get an even 40 from their own.

Jamal Crawford, second only to the New York Knicks’ J.R. Smith in reserve scoring, leads the Clippers bench with 16.8 points including 26 games with 20 points or more. On the Mavericks side, Vince Carter makes his case pacing the best bench with 13.2 points.

Tonight’s game will be for all to see in the national spotlight. And as it’s been well chronicled this season, the Mavericks haven’t come through against the best teams in the West. A win tonight would be massive, yet only get Dallas to 2-13 against the top five seeds within the conference.

With 12 games left, every one is as important as the next. In a perfect world the Mavs finish the regular season on a 14-game winning streak. That’s not the focus though, it’s all about taking one at a time.

The Mavs have shown they can play with the better teams, now it’s time to execute down the stretch of close games and finish with wins.


Playoff Picture Update:

MAVERICKS – 10th seed in West; 1.5 GB of the Los Angeles Lakers for final playoff spot.

CLIPPERS – 3rd seed in West; 3.5 GB of the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 2nd seed. In virtual tie with Denver Nuggets (4th) and 1 game ahead of 5th seeded Memphis Grizzlies.


Clippers at Mavs tip at 8:30 p.m. CT and airs on TNT.

Let’s Go Mavs!

Sources: TheTwoManGame; Associated Press (Mike James photo)




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Mavs Game Night: Deron in Dallas with His Brooklyn Nets

by Damian Jackson on March 20, 2013 in Mavs 09 comments


As spring nears its way it means the summer will follow soon after. A summer ago the Dallas Mavericks played some baseball and unfortunately they struck out when it was their turn to bat.

The Mavericks opted for cap room in 2011 rather than bringing back an aging group which won the franchise’s lone championship. Most notably Tyson Chandler was seen as the gem we simply let walk away.

One can view the turn out either way they want, but I lean toward understanding the financial side of the business. I never doubt Mark Cuban’s will to win and right now it’s obviously been rough this past year and change, BUT Cuban is one smart man.

The goal which no longer is a secret of any kind was to fetch a superstar player such as Chris Paul, Dwight Howard and/or Deron Williams. Paul and Howard never actually became free agents, although there was reports that said the two had briefly discussed teaming with the Mavericks.

Two strikes.

Free agent and Dallas native Deron Williams did hit the open market, but eventually opted to stick with the Nets and their transition from New Jersey to Brooklyn.

Strike three.

This all brings us to tonight and Williams’ first visit back to the arena he said was his favorite to play in. The American Airlines Center will be rocking with rowdy, loud and proud faithful. Dallas’ fan base desperately wanted one of the NBA’s elite point guards to return home and join forces with the great Dirk Nowitzki. So I do expect Deron to hear the boo-birds reign throughout the evening.

It’s not all a downer though with how things transpired even though it may feel that way. The Mavs front office will get another at-bat and put the ball in play. It’s about being opportunistic as our owner loves to say and he’s situated us in relatively favorable position to remain flexible and become advantageous when presented with the right opportunity.

As for this matter at hand, the Nets are in Dallas looking to avenge the loss on the first of March. In this game which I covered in my first ever trip to the Barclay’s Center, the Mavs managed to secure a 98-90 victory. Nowitzki and Vince Carter scored 20 apiece; O.J. Mayo added 17 points. Williams led the Nets with 24 points.

The Mavericks are 6-3 since the meeting in Brooklyn, most recently defeating the Atlanta Hawks 127-113 Monday evening. That win actually assisted the Nets themselves as they continue to fend off the Hawks for the fourth and final seed with home court advantage in the Eastern Conference.



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Playoff Picture Update:

MAVERICKS – 10th seed in West; 3 GB of the Los Angeles Lakers for final playoff spot.

NETS – 4th seed in East; 1 GB of New York Knicks for Atlantic Division and 3rd seed.


Nets at Mavs tip at 7:00 p.m. CT and airs on ESPN.

Let’s Go Mavs!

Source:, ESPN & ESPN Dallas





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Mavs Game Night: Can Mavs Resuscitate the Red River Rivalry?

by Damian Jackson on March 17, 2013 in Mavs 09 comments


You will remember the last time Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder came to Dallas; he poured in a career-high 52 points to complete the 117-114 overtime road victory.

Durant and crew are in the AAC once again to take on the Dallas Mavericks. While the Mavs fight for the final playoff spot, the Thunder own the league’s third best record and continue to jockey with San Antonio Spurs for the West’s top seed.

Dallas let a close one slip away against the Spurs a few nights ago, but rebounded with a 96-86 home win on Friday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Mavs are in a stretch right now that has them playing 8 of the next 9 games at home.

The Mavs will be without Shawn Marion (calf strain) for the sixth straight game. His defensive impact will be sorely missed against Durant.

Team is all important to these Mavericks and recently, the Mavs have been getting solid play from its role players.

“We have to make sure that everybody’s ready,” Roddy Beaubois said. “Even if you don’t play, the next game maybe you’re going to get in.”

Roddy has seen plenty of nights pass by when the only time he’s gotten off the bench is to cheer on his teammates. Friday he was called upon to play and he sure took advantage of those 22 minutes. He scored 18 points, dished out five assists and grabbed three boards.

Meanwhile, Brandan Wright has given the Mavericks great production in March. In seven games played this month Wright averages 11.9 points, 5.6 rebounds and 1.6 blocks on 68-percent shooting.

[VIDEO] Brandan Wright Two-Hand Flush on the Break

“Anybody can get in a nice groove when they play a lot of minutes in a row and kind of know when they’re going back in and that they’re going to get opportunities,” Wright said.


“That’s a big-time comfort level. It can get tough being on the other side of the stick, because I’ve been there before.

The Mavericks will need to play near perfect basketball to avoid a 10th consecutive defeat against these Thunder. As has been the case for the Mavs all season, the drive to compete exists but the ability to close has not.

Jae Crowder will likely take the first crack at covering Durant, which happens to be a major size advantage for the NBA’s leading scorer. Crowder rung in a career-best 14 rebounds on Friday as he continues to improve with the ample playing time he’s received in wake of trade and injury.

Newest Maverick Chris Wright scored his first two points on a layup with under a minute to go in Friday’s win over the Cavs.

Dallas seeks to reverse the trend and battle the odds against them in this one. Stranger things have happened as people love to say. Time to resuscitate the Red River rivalry.


Playoff Picture Update:

MAVERICKS – 10th seed in West; 3 GB of the Los Angeles Lakers for final playoff spot.

THUNDER – 2nd seed in West; 1.5 GB of San Antonio Spurs.


Thunder at Mavs tips at 6:30 p.m. CT and airs on FSSW/FSOK.

Let’s Go Mavs!

Source: ESPN & ESPN Dallas

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Mavs Game Night: Quest for Win No. 30 | Mavs Visit Monta Ellis and Bucks

by Damian Jackson on March 12, 2013 in Mavs 09 comments


So far so good on this current 4-game road trip. Two down and two to go.

Winners of three straight, the last duo away from the AAC, the Dallas Mavs will play a tougher pair in the next three days.

A couple of weeks ago, the Milwaukee Bucks stole a victory in Dallas and now it’s time the Mavs turn the tables and take this game in Wisconsin.

The Mavs will get a second look at the Bucks with guard J.J. Redick who compliments an already explosive backcourt of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis.

Vince Carter went 0-8 with two points in the previous meeting, but we can assume that won’t happen again. Carter has produced extremely well all season long and his owner believes he deserves Sixth Man of the Year consideration.

“If we had a better record, he’d be a Sixth Man of the Year candidate, if not the leading candidate,” Mark Cuban said recently. “He’s basically been our best player.”

The Mavs are 7-2 when Carter scores at least 20 points

The Mavs are 7-2 when Carter scores at least 20 points

In my opinion there’s no question Carter should garner consideration for the award, but he just won’t win it. There are guys scoring more and winning more in a similar role and we all know how it works.

Dirk Nowitzki doled out a masterful 21 points and 20 rebounds when the Bucks were in Big D, but that game obviously soured with the loss.

Shawn Marion (calf) hasn’t played the last two games; his status is questionable for tonight’s game.

Playoff Picture Update:

MAVERICKS – 10th seed in West; 3 GB of the Utah Jazz for final playoff spot.

BUCKS – 8th seed in East; 1.5 GB of Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics.

Team News:

MAVERICKS – Mavs released third-year guard Dominique Jones on Saturday. Reports say team will sign Iowa Energy and former Georgetown Hoya point guard Chris Wright.

BUCKS – Monta Ellis has made it known it’s possible he opts into his final year at $11 million for next season. Brandon Jennings may accept his qualifying offer in order to avoid restricted free agency and become an unrestricted FA after the 2013-2014 season.

Mavs at Bucks tip at 7:00 p.m. CT and will air on FSSW/FSWI

Let’s Go Mavs!

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